Our Emblem and Its Symbolic Meaning


The particular components of our emblem stand for the following:

1. The pole star: It is the basic reference in determining direction, it leads and guides. As such, it stands for ESKAR’s mission,

2. The various colors around the pole star: Gender studies to be undertaken by academicians from different disciplines at our University,

3. The meeting of colours: Studies to be undertaken in an interdisciplinary manner,

4. ESKAR: The acronym which stands for “Women’s Studies in Economic and Social Fields” (“Ekonomik ve Sosyal Alanda Kadın Araştırmaları”, in Turkish)

5. The light around the pole star: The enlightenment of the society becoming aware of the problems arising from gender inequality by means of the studies to be undertaken under the leadership of ESKAR, the policies implemented in order to solve such problems, the increase in the welfare of the citizens of our country and of all the humanity,

6. The dark blue colour around the pole star: The problems women throughout the world suffer from and the issue of gender inequality, in particular.