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Center for Women's Studies

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Under the leadership of an interdisciplinary organization, to carry out scientific research  on the subjects of gender equality, women’s economic and social rights, women’s roles and problems in economic and social life, women’s employment, women’s health and the elevation of women’s social status taking into consideration the financial, economic, social, political and legal dimensions, to publish books, reports,  journals, bulletins, e-bulletins, e-journals, e-books, to organize and to participate in such academic, artistic and cultural events as congresses, symposiums, panels, seminars, conferences, exhibitions etc. on a national and international level so as to raise awareness in the public regarding the above issues, to develop training programs addressing various sections of the society in partnership with national or international public or private institutions or individually, to develop and implement support programs and projects, to provide consultancy services, to organize courses, seminars, conferences, congresses and provide training for public and private sector employees as well as academicians in partnership with national or international public or private institutions, to organize certificate programs aimed at elevating women’s economic and social status, to suggest the offering of academic programs relating to the topics of gender and women’s studies and to motivate the incorporation of courses relating to gender and women’s studies in the present associate degree, undergraduate, post-graduate and PhD programs already offered at our University.


       Prof. Dr. Gülay AKGÜL YILMAZ


       Asst. Prof. Dr. Yasemin ÖZERKEK

       Öğr. Gör. İrem KONCA (Lecturer)

       TELEPHONE: +90 0216 346 32 70


       ADRESS: Marmara University, Goztepe Campus,

                        Dr. Ibrahim Uzumcu Building, 2nd floor

                        34722, Kadikoy-ISTANBUL

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